Rural Physician Partners (RPP) is committed to offering its partnering physicians those services that will best enhance the care provided to their patients. These services will be coordinated and integrated with the physician’s electronic medical records systems (EMR) in a way that enables them to provide more efficient and effective care than they otherwise would.
Initially, we are offering the following services through RPP subsidiaries:

  • Pharmacy
    A complete pharmacy service that manages the patients’ prescriptions to ensure accurate and timely delivery of their medications to their homes. Consultation is provided as well as the tracking of patients’ refills to ensure their medications are being taken as prescribed.
  • Lab Services
    Toxicology testing is offered to physicians through our lab so that physicians can effectively diagnose their patients’ conditions. Additionally, pathology testing is made available to further improve the quality of care provided.
  • Sleep Programs
    The capability for our physicians to discover patients with sleep disorders and provide them with the necessary equipment and supplies to effectively treat the disorder. This includes a callback program to ensure patients are getting their replacement supplies to prevent bacterial growth.
  • Diabetes Care
    The supplies necessary for our physicians to effectively manage and control diabetes in their patients. This includes a callback program to ensure patients are getting the supplies they need to effectively treat the disease.


RPP provides capabilities to rural physicians that have otherwise been accessible only to their metropolitan counterparts, such as the integration of RPP’s ancillary services with the physician’s EMR system. These capabilities are designed to preserve and improve the quality of care in rural communities throughout the country.