The Solution

Rural Physician Partners offers rural physicians the ability to participate in group purchasing of ancillary services for the practices and patients they serve.

Rural Physician Partners has created a means by which micropolitan physicians can participate in additional earnings through ownership in providers of ancillary services such as:

  • Pharmacy
  • Lab services
  • Sleep programs
  • Diabetes supplies


The purchase of ancillary services will generate revenue for the physician, allowing them to recoup income and remain in the rural environment.

The Stark Law, which prohibits physician self-referrals, has specific “safe harbor” regulations to give rural physicians the ability to generate income through ancillary services. To qualify, a physician must:

  • Have more than 75 percent of patients live in a rural area as defined by federal standards
  • Have their place of business in a rural location as defined by the federal government

Rural Physician Partners is helping preserve care in the rural environment. For more information, please provide your contact information.