about rural physician partners

Rural Physician Partners (RPP) was created to help preserve care in the rural environment. RPP recognizes the exceptional challenges rural physicians face in today’s healthcare environment.

The once sustaining intellectual reward of practicing primary care medicine and establishing long-term relationships with patients for the mutual good of the community has eroded into fear of financial insecurity, political scrutiny, legal harassment, and public embarrassment. How will it end given the continued trend in health care? Early retirement and lifestyle modification seem the only options available.
Gary K. Barbin, MD Internal Medicine, Waco, Texas

Rural Physician Partners is committed to enhancing healthcare in micropolitan communities by partnering with physicians to improve the quality of care they provide to their patients. In the process of improving patient care, our physicians will have the unique opportunity to dramatically increase their revenues, thereby ensuring their practices will be financially sustainable.

Rural Physician Partners creates partnerships with proven, high-quality providers of ancillary services to serve our network of physicians as they strive to offer the best healthcare possible to their patients in micropolitan and rural communities across America.

RPP was founded by entrepreneurs and healthcare executives who have been working for decades to meet the needs of the market. There is no market more vital than the healthcare of rural America.